To bring a change in the lives of all animals and birds🐾

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We at Water For Voiceless believe all of us can coexist by sharing. Water is essential for any living being on earth.

Change should start from within and  be a lead in your locality and inspire others to do their part!! 

Please come forward to register and collect free water bowls for animals and birds in our community.

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About Us

Animals, just like human beings, need water for their bodies to function. Lack of drinking water will lead to various health issues; they may even die eventually. So how do we make sure all animals and birds get access to clean drinking water throughout the year?

It was this thought that set off the WFV initiative. WFV (Water For Voiceless), a project started by Sunny Jain from Tumkur, in 2015, now has its wings spread across India.

Once, a dog was drinking water from a dirty puddle on a road side. On sighting this Sunny decided to place a water bowl outside his house which soon became a practice. The bowl was cleaned and filled with water regularly. Witnessing many animals drink water from the bowl outside his house, Sunny’s joy knew no bounds! This practice inspired the neighbour’s and gradually they came forward too.

WFV, in no time brought together people from various cities-Bangalore, Tumkur, Mumbai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bellary etc. The team has till now distributed 16000+ water bowls for free.

WFV aims to streamline the process which is well underway in building network of people across India so as to ensure that clean water is made available for drinking to all the animals around-the domestic and the wild.


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To make clean drinking water available for the animals in every part of India.


2015 - Present

36000+ pots all over INDIA

2013 - 2015

Pots for free in tumkur


Dog drinking dirty water

About Us

We provide free pots to serve the voiceless





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